Simple, yet potential mistakes

Wed,June 26, 2019 12:56 AM

Most of the candidates unknowingly make certain simple errors. These errors are very simple yet they potentially damage the job pursuit. Let us quickly recapitulate few errors that we discussed last week.
1. Arriving late to the interview
2. Badly Dressed
3. Bad Postures & slouch
4. Failing to maintain Eye Contact
5. Lack of Knowledge of the Organization
6. Mismatch of Skills & the Job description
7. No Evidence/Credentials To Prove The Claims

This week let us understand few more potential errors.

8.Lack Of English Knowledge

a. The qualification is only half the story
b. The candidate should have excellent communication Skills, Proficiency in English
c. The candidate should have lucid flow of language
d. The preference is always given to a candidate with good English .

9. Lack Of Enthusiasm

a. Lack of knowledge is pardonable, one can learn later.
b. Lack of skill is pardonable, one can sharpen the skills any time
c. But, the lack of Enthusiasm is a sure way to get rejected.
d. The interviewer does not entertain a person with lack of enthusiasm

10. Giving Mono Syllable Answers

a. Giving mono syllable answers like ‘yes’, ‘No’ etc is a bad practice, and this is one of the reasons for the failure of many
b. Interview is a platform where you have to exhibit your presentation skills
c. Your detailed answers should show your communication Skills & your logical abilities

11. Desperate For The Job

a. You get the opportunity based on your resume and your qualifications
b. You should win the interview through your presentation skills, talent and enthusiasm only.
c. Never be desperate to get the job
d. The interviewer gets suspicious such candidates

12. Giving The Canned Answers

a. Never give routine answers which you might have crammed, always be original in your sentence structure, Giving answers in a monotonous voice is always boring.
b. Add feelings and emotions in your speech
c. Use proper pronunciation, gestures.
d. Give pause and create enthusiasm and continue

13. Malign The Current Employer

a. Always practice speaking good of the present employer. Never speak bad of any one in the interview
b. Develop positive attitude
c. Never find fault with others
d. Never blame the people in their absence, even if you are motivated by the interviewer.

14. Failing To Establish Love Towards Job

a. Most of the candidates fail to establish their strong love towards the current job.
b. Always remember the employer wants to choose a candidate who has a genuine liking for the current job
c. Show willingness to take up the job related challenges
d. If you love the job, you will not feel the pressure and you will enjoy the job related challenges



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