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1. Identify the correct statement about Eliots The Waste Land.

1. The original title for The Waste Land is He Do the Police In Different Voices.
2. The poem was published in 1922 and is dedicated to Ezra Pound.
3. Its original title was taken from Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend.
4. The poem consists of 733 lines in six parts

2. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is considered to be a parody of........

1. Treasure Island, by R L Stevenson
2. The Coral Island, by R. M. Ballantyne
3. The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne
4. Angel Island, by Inez Haynes Gillmore

3. The Metaphysical Style was established during the early 17th century by the poet&..

1. Dr.Johnson
2. John Donne
3. Dryden
4. Abraham Cowley

4. In the poem The Waste Land, what is common between Stetson in the Burial of the Dead, and Albert in A Game of Chess?

1. They found a watery grave
2. They cheated their wives
3. They are soldiers
4. They are cheated by their wives.

5. I drew back from him. A tremendous electric blue flash, very near, illuminated the inside of the car. As we stared at each other in that brief light I could see myself, small and oval, mirrored in his eyes.It is the reaction of Marian in Margaret Attwoods novel Edible Woman. When does she react this way?

1. When Peter proposes to her.
2. When Peter tries to kiss her
3. When Duncan tries to kiss her.
4. When Len tries to embrace her

6. In Marlows Doctor Faustus, when Faustus conjures up Mephistophilis, he tells the demon.........

1. that he is afraid for his life.
2. that he wants to talk to Satan, personally; not some unimportant demon.
3. to return in a more physically attractive form
4. wants to be like God.

7. What does the Ghost of King Hamlet tell Hamlet during their conversation?

1. That Polonius has killed him by pouring poison in his ear.
2. Claudius has killed him by pouring poison in his ear.
3. That Hamlet should not direct his revenge toward his mother but instead leave her to heaven.
4. Both (2) and (3)

8. William Congreve, George Etherege, William Wycherley, Thomas Otway were chiefly known as&&.

1. Critics of Orwells regime
2. Restoration playwrights
3. Editors of Shakespeares plays
4. Wrote tragedies in the same age.

9. Its a tree.... a chokecherry tree. See, heres the trunk--its red and split wide open, full of sap, and this, heres the parting for the branches. You got a might lot of branches. Leaves, too, look like, and dern if these aint blossoms.This is the description of the welt marks on Sethes body in Toni Morrisons Beloved. Whose words are these?

1. Paul D
2. Amy Denver
3. Baby Suggs
4. Stamp Paid

10. Hamlet says, Frailty, thy name is woman referring to......

1. Ophelia
2. Gertrude
3. Rosencrantz
4. Guildenstern

11. Poetry is a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty is a remark by&&..

1. John Dryden
2.William Wordsworth
3. ST Coleridge
4. Mathew Arnold

12. William Shakespeares Hamlet is a&

1. revenge play
2. a great tragedy
3. a religious play
4. All the above

13. While dealing with literature, modernism has been described as being concerned with disenchantment of our culture with culture itself. Which critic said this?

1. Stephen Spender
2. Malcolm Bradbury
3. Lionel Trilling
4. Joseph Frank

14. In the Defence of Poetry, what did Sydney attribute to poetry?

1. A magical power whereby poetry plays tricks on the reader
2. A divine power whereby poetry transmits a message from God to the reader
3. A moral power whereby poetry encourages the reader to evaluate virtuous models
4. A realistic power that cannot be made to seem like mere illusion and trickery

15. The statement that inaugurated Feminist thought in English A woman writing thinks back through her mothers occurs in.....

1. Virginia Woolfs A Room of Ones Own
2 Kate Millets Sexual Politics
3. Gertrude Steins Three Lives
4. Mary Hiatts The Way Women Write

16. The period of Queen Victorias reign is?

1. 18301900
2. 18371901.
3. 18301901
4. 18371900

17. Art for arts sake is the rallying point of..

1. Surrealism
2. Imagism
3. Pre-Raphaelitism
4. Aestheticism

18. Which of the following novels bears the sub title A Pure Woman?

1. Emma
2. Tess of the dUrbervilles
3. Jane Eyre
4. Pamela

19. Who built Pandemonium, the high capital of Satan and his peers in Hell in Miltons Paradise Lost?

1. Beelzebub
2. Moloch
3. Mulciber
4. Mammon

20. One of the major subjects of Miltons Paradise Lost is?

1. The fight between good and evil
2 Heavens battle and Satans tragic fall
3. The creation of the universe
4. Adam and Eves disobedience

21. Christopher Marlow associated with the atre........

1. Neo-Classical theatre
2. English Puritan theatre
3. Restoration theatre
4. English Renaissance theatre

22. Which work of William Wordsworth is gene-rally considered to be his magnum opus?

1. Laodamia
2. The Prelude
3. Preface to the Lyrical Ballads
4. Guide to the Lakes

23. Which of the following is one of the most important features of the Neo-classical literature?

1. imitation of the classics of ancient Greek and Roman literature
2. showing man to be flawed and relatively more human.
3. laying a significant stress on the didactic purpose of poetry.
4. the poets living in their own world of imagination.

24. One of the books from Faustus library is stolen by......

1. Rafe
2. Robin
3. The clown

25. Who divided poetry into three types as: Philosophical/Moral Poetry, Religious poetry and Poetry in the Real sense?

1. Mathew Arnold
2. Sir Philip Sidney
3. Dr. Johnson
4. John Dryden

26. The Romantics were NOT characterized by?

1. A belief in individual liberty & sympathy with those who rebelled against tyranny
2. A disbelief in individual liberty & sympathy with those who rebelled against tyranny
3. The Romantics thought of nature as trans formative.
4. The Romantics embraced imagination and naturalness.

27. Which Indian novelist is known as the Dickens of India?

1. R.K. Narayan
2. Mulk Raj Anand
3. Raja Rao
4. Bhabhani Bhattacharya

28. Which of the following is incorrect about the Lyrical Ballads?

1. It declares the dawn of the English Romantic Movement
2. It consisted of 23 poems, nineteen by Wordsworth and the rest by Coleridge
3. The subject matter of the poetry in it is not the rich or the powerful but humble and rustic folk
4. The poet is described as an artist and a creator

29. When was William Golding awarded the Nobel Prize?

1. 1971
2. 1993
3. 1954
4. 1983

30. According to his friend Kapila, how many times did Devadatta of the play Hayavadana fall in love in two years?

1. once
2. ten times
3. fifteen times
4. two times

31. What major new prose genre emerged in the Jacobean era?

1. The novel
2. The poetry
3. The familiar essay
4. The diary

32. Who presents a hockey bat to Bakha in Anands Untouchable?

1. Colonel Hutchinson
2. Lachman
3. Havildar Charat Singh
4. Ramanand

33. According to the narrator of A Room of Ones Own, besides a room of her own, how much money does a woman need to become a successful writer?

1. Three Hundred Pounds a year.
2. Five Hundred Pounds a year
3. Three Hundred Fifty Pounds a Year
4. Four Hundred Pounds a year

34. Which of the following is NOT the feature of Modern novel?

1. Novels are written on all possible themes and subjects.
2. Novels deal with all the facts of contem- porary life, especially pessimistic views
3. There is a frank and free treatment of the problems of love, sex and marriage.
4. The Novelists have occupied with the task of sketching the ups and downs in the social and economic status of their characters.

35. ......Probably only the Egyptians had it right:their kings had sisters for queens to continue the incests of childhood into marriage.Where do the above lines occur?

1. A Love Poem for a Wife
2. Australia
3. Hamlet
4. The Waste Land

36. Girish Karnards play Hayavadana was influenced by the novel The Transposed Heads.
Who is the author of The Transposed Heads?

1. Graham Green.
2. C.P Brown.
3. Thomas Mann.
4. Max Muller

37. T.S. Eliot did NOT make a reference to one of the following inThe Waste Land. Identify it.

1. ShakespearesMeasure for Measure
2.Goldsmiths The Vicar of Wakefield
3. KydsSpanish Tragedy
4.Spensers Prothalamion

38. Modern Age is also known as the age of ?

1. Anxiety and Interrogation
2. Industrial and Economic development
3. Scepticism and Pessimism
4. None of these.

39. According to the poem The Waste Land, which month is the cruellest?

1. September
2. December
3. May
4. April

40. The Waste Land is a poem written in free verse and blank verse and it is divided into five parts. Its opening part is entitled:

1. Shantih
2. Death by Water
3. The Burial of the Dead
4. The Fire Sermon

41. The overall theme of Wordsworths poem Tintern Abbey is........

1. Memory and the past
2. Nature and God are one
3. Man vs. the natural world
4. How peoples views change over time

42. Who is talking to whom in the poem My last duchess?

1. The duchess to the duke.
2. The duke to an envoy
3. The envoy to the duke.
4. The painter to the duke

43. What type of poem is My last duchess?

1. Sonnet
2. Lyric
3. Dramatic Monologue
4. Terza rima

44. The crime that Andrea del Sarto has committed is?

1. Murder
2. Adultery.
3. Theft.
4. Blasphemy

45. In the poem Andrea Del Sarto, which of the following painters is NOT someone to whom Andrea compares himself ?

1. Raphael
2. Michelangelo
3. Leonardo da Vinci
4. Titian

46. In Death of a Salesman, the name of the restaurant where Happy and Biff take Willy?

1. Franks Chop House.
2. Sams Hoagie Shack
3. Divine Seafood
4. The Carnage Deli

47. Who made the comment that fancy is the arbitrary to bringing together of things that lie remote and forming them into a unity?

1. John Dryden.
2. William Wordsworth
3. ST Coleridge
4. Mathew Arnold

48. Which English poet is known as the Morning Star of Renaissance?

1. William Langland
2. Geoffrey Chaucer
3. John Gower
4. John Wycliffe

49. When was Tintern Abbey composed by Wordsworth?

1. July 13, 1805
2. July 13, 1843
3. July 13, 1798
4. July 13, 1793

50. . . . I have my doubts about this theory. I believe...... in fact I may go as far as to say I firmly believe that its this sort of sentimentality which has been the bane of our literature and national life.It has kept us from accepting Reality and encouraged escapism. Still, if you say so, I wont argue.Which character in the play Hayavadana gives this pronouncement?

1. Hayavadana
2. Kapila
3. Padmini
4. Bhagavatha

51. Who is the author of the book The Mental, Moral, and Physical Inferiority of the Female Sex discussed in A Room of Ones Own?

1. William Morris
2. Professor von X
3. John Stewart Mill
4. Max Beerbohn

52. Who is known as the Father of Imagism?

1. T E Hulme
2. Ezra Pound
3. T S Eliot
4. Hilda Doolittle

53. The number of Midnight Children in Salmon Rushdies Midnights Children are?

1. 901
2. 501
3. 1001
4. 101

54. Which of the following plays of Shakespeare was interpreted by Sigmund Freud using his Psychoanalytical method?

1. Hamlet
2. As You Like It
3. Tempest
4. A Midsummer Nights Dream

55. Who is described as a commander of a triangular appearance with sturdily built body and carries his aromour with dignity and ease in the play Saint Joan?

1. the Dauphin
2. Dunois, the Bastard of Orleans
3. John de Stogumber
4. The maid

56. Which of the following is INCORRECT about the play Saint Joan?

1. it is a chronicle play with six scenes and an epilogue.
2. it is a historical play with no conflict of villain and hero.
3. it is a high tragedy that arouses pity and fear in audience.
4. the epilogue of the play is devoted to an exposition of Joans character & personality

57. A dramatic technique of exposing to the audience the intentions, thoughts, and feelings of a character who speaks to himself while no one remains on stage is known as?

1. Dramatic Monologue
2. Lyric poem
3. Soliloquy
4. Sonnet

58. Romantic period is also called the Revival of Romanticism because?

1. the ideals of Neo-classical period were revived during this period.
2. the Romantic ideals of the Elizabethan Period were revived during these years.
3. the ideals of Old English period were revived during this period.
4. the Romantic ideals of the Greek literature were revived during these years.

59. Which of the following is correct about the three unities of a play?

1. The unity of action means that the plot should be coherent, complete and whole
2. The unity of time means that the time presented in the play should be limited to one day only, preferably twelve hours
3. The unity of place means that the action presented in the play should be limited to a single location
4. All the above are correct.

60. What is the meaning of the term hamartia as used by Aristotle in his Theory of Tragedy?

1. tragic end of a drama
2. Working of fate against the hero
3. a strong quality in the character or the hero
4. a weak trait in the character or the hero

61. The poem that is elevated in style, serious in subject matter and elaborate in it stanzaic structure is?

1. lyric
2. ode
3. sonnet
4. elegy

62. The elegy Lycidas by Milton is on the loss of ?

1. the poor country people
2. Edward King
3. Arthur Hallam
4. Abraham Lincoln

63. A closet drama is&

1. a drama written in verse
2. a drama meant to be read, but not performed
3. a drama meant to be performed, but not read
4. all the above

64. Which of the following is not a feature of the Shakespearean tragedy.

1. The struggle between good and evil, resulting in sorrows and deaths.
2. the use of the supernatural beings
3. providing dramatic relief in the form of light comedy
4. frequent use of puns and other witty remarks

65. The comedy that provokes simple mirth in the forms of roars of laughter or belly laughs is&

1. Satirical Comedy
2. Comedy of Manners
3. Farce
4. Black Comedy

66. Dialogues in a drama are&

1. The means through which an idea is communicated in a dramatic performance
2. like the conversation in day-to-day life
3. Chiefly used for the sake of communication among the characters
4. All the above

67. Generations communicate, in Crossing Brooklyn Ferry through

1. Dreams
2. common experiences
3. Literature
4. All the above

68. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomd is an example for?

1. A dramatic monologue
2. A sonnet
3. An elegy
4. A panegyric

69. In the novel Untouchable, why does Bakha love European clothing?

1. He thinks wearing it makes him a sahib too
2. It is more affordable than Indian clothing
3. He thinks it helps to disguise his untouchablility
4. He is too tall for most Indian clothing

70. Why does Lakha acts aggressively towards his children?

1. To preserve his authority.
2. Because they treat him poorly
3. To keep them in line.
4. Because he blames them for his wifes death

71. The poem in which poetess starts explaining by saying that she doesnt know the politics yet she is well aware of the politicians of her country from Nehru to the ones of her own times is?

1. The old Play House
2. An Introduction
3. My Last Duchess
4. Beloved

72. In the poem The Old Playhouse Kamala Das expresses....

1. Her disenchantment with her married her married life.
2. Her feelings on her husband for hurting her mind.
3. The disastrous effects of the mismatched marital relationships.
4. All the above.

73. In Salman Rushdies Midnight Children, what saves Saleems life as a baby?

1. Breast milk.
2. Snake venom
3. Magic
4. His grandmothers cooking

74. What is the address of Sethe in the novel Beloved?

1. 12, Grimmauld Place
2. 124, Bluestone Road
3. 221B, Baker Street
4. 17, Cherry Tree Lane

75. How old is the boy in the poem Immortality Ode?

1. Three years
2. Four years
3. Five years
4. Six years

76. Which of the following methods is associated with James Asher, an experimental psychologist?

1. Grammar Translation Method
2. Oral Method
3. Total Physical Response
4. Direct Method

77. The teacher uses the authentic tasks and the students participate very actively in those activities so as to learn language in&&&. approach.

1. Structural approach
2. Communicative approach
3. Grammar translation method
4. Direct method

78. Which of the following statements about authentic materials used in language teaching is NOT true?

1. Authentic Materials motivate learners to communicate, because they help make communication real
2. Authentic Materials prepare learners for the real world of communication.
3. Authentic materials are effective because they are specially prepared for language teaching
4. Authentic Material guide learners towards the language they need for their particular context

79. Input-rich communicational environments are a prerequisite for language learning, whether first or second. is said by&&.

1. Indian Education Commission
2. SCF 2011
3. NCF 2005
4. RTE 2010

80. Match the items in LIST-A with those of in LIST-B:

P. NCF 2005
Q. National Knowledge Commission
R. RTE-2010
S. SCF-2011

A. building a knowledge society
B. development of BICS and CALP
C. conformity with constitutional values
D. focus should be on LSRW
1. P-B,Q-D,R-C,S-A
2. Q-A,R-B,P-C,S-D
3. R-A,P-B,Q-C,S-D
4. P-B, S-D, R-C, Q-A

81. Who said that, English is a language which is rich in literature humanistic, scientific and technical. If under sentimental urges, we should give up English, we would cut ourselves off from the living stream of ever growing knowledge?

1. Kothari Commission.
2. University Education Commission
3. Macaulays Minute
4. The Curriculum Development Centre

82. We get the treasure of tremendous knowledge through ancient books, and most of these ancient books present in English. Hence we can call English as a?

1. Source Language
2. Library Language
3. Global Language
4. Link Language

83. The following is not a problem associated with learning English in our schools:

1. Children get to listen to English only for about forty minutes in their English class
2. Many teachers use mother tongue to teach English
3. Children get fewer opportunities to use English
4. There are no qualified teachers in any school in India to teach English.

84. Reading between the lines as a sub-skill of reading means&&&

1. giving sufficient space between lines
2. inferring the unstated using the contextual and verbal clues
3. identifying the grammatical item
4. understanding the stated facts

85. To keep a list of troublesome words, to see each syllable, say each syllable and to write each syllable helps a learner in&

1. Acquiring good vocabulary
2. Acquiring good command over grammar
3. Acquiring good spelling
4. Acquiring LSRW skills

86. Writing advertisements, writing brochures, writing political presentations are&& type of writing.

1. Argumentative
2. Persuasive
3. Expository
4. Narrative


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