She goes to office at 9am.

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1. Prepositions
-The word Preposition is made of Preposition
Here, Pre means - before
position means -placed
-Hence, a Preposition is a word which is placed before a Noun or a pronoun to show the relationship of that Noun or pronoun with some other words in the sentence.
( ఒక Noun / pronoun కి ముందు వాడే పదం, ఆ వాక్యంలోని Noun / pronoun కి, వేరే పదానికి మధ్యగల సంబంధాన్ని తెలిపినట్లయితే దానిని Preposition అంటాం)
1. The book is on the table
(on అనే ప్రిపోజిషన్ book table కి మధ్యగల సంబంధాన్ని తెలుపుతుంది)

2. There is a cow in the Field
( in అనే ప్రిపోజిషన్ cow field కి మధ్యగల సంబంధాన్ని తెలుపుతుంది.)

3. I am fond of sweets.
(of అనే ప్రిపోజిషన్ fond sweet కి మధ్య గల సంబంధాన్ని తెలుపుతుంది.)

4. The jumped off the chair
( off అనే ప్రిపోజిషన్ jumped chair కి మధ్య సంబంధాన్ని తెలుపుతుంది.)

Kind of Prepositions ;
There are four kinds of Prepositions
1. simple Prepositions : Prepositions of one word are called simple Prepositions
2. Compound Prepositions: Prepositions formed by adding a perfect ( like a b etc) are called Compound Prepositions.
3. Phrase Prepositions: A group of words used with the forced a single Preposition is called a Phrase Prepositions
According to-ప్రకారం
Agreed to -అనుగుణంగా
along with - తో పాటు
away from -దూరంగా
because of- అందువలన
in addition to- అదనంగా
in spite of- అయినప్పటికి
on account of- అందువలన
by means of- సహాయంతో
on behalf of- బదులుగా
instead of- బదులుగా
in lieu of- బదులుగా
in the event of- అలా అయిన పక్షాన
ahead of- మరింత ముందుగా ఉండు
owing to- అందువలన
in regard to- ఒకదాని విషయంలో
with regard to-ఒకదానికి సంబంధించి
with reference to-తదనుగుణంగా
in order to- అందుకోసం
by dint of- అందువలన
in favoar of-అనుకూలంగా
in front of-ముందు
by reason of- కారణం చేత
in case of-ఒకవేళ
due to this- దీని కారణంగా
except for- తప్పించి
in conseqvence of- పర్యవసానంగా
in place of- ఆ స్థానంలో
in view of- ఆ కారణంగా
in comparison to- పోలికతో
a part from- ఒక దానితో పాటు
on course of- క్రమేణా

4. Participle Prepositions: Present Participle of verbs used as a Prepositions are called Participle Prepositions
Use of Prepositions:
1. By
-పక్కన, దగ్గర అనే అర్థంతో By ని వాడుతాం.
The house is by the lake.
The old man lived by the river.
-Passive Voice లో Doer of an action ని తెలపడానికి.
A letter was written by Venu
I was helped by my friend
Food is cooked by sandhya
-To indicate a specific time
She will have bought a car by 2020.
He will have reached by tommarow
-To describe a method of communication/ payment
by phone, by email,
by post, by cheque,
by credi card
-To talk about means of transport (ప్రయాణ సాధనాల గురించి తెలపడానికి)
I always travel by car
She came here by bus
They go to office by train
Ramu travelled by auto
-similary, by boat, by bicycle
by plane, by taxi
by ship, by air
by auto, by sea
Note. When reference is made to a specific vehicle, by is not used. In/ on used.
ex. Gopal went to college on my bike.
They came in a taxi
We shall go on the 5.30 bus.
I travelled in Mohans car.
Raju went to market on my bicyle.
Note. Dont say by foot say on foot
I go to school on foot
Ramu goes to office on foot

2. In:
n Befoe the names of big cities, countries, states.
ex. Persis works in Hyderabad.
It was made In India.
We live in Telangana.
-Before months, years, seasons, parts of the day.
I was born in December.
She got married in 2012.
Dont eat ice-cream in winter
He will came in the morning.

-ఒక రోజులోని సమయాన్ని తెలపడానికి in, at కింది విధంగా ఉపయోగిస్తాం.
in the morning, at night
in the evening, at noon
in the afternoon, at down at dusk

-Inis used with the names of streets.
At is uesd with the house numbers.
He lives in Hanuman street.
He lives at 8-7-51 in Kothi Rampur

-Place/ Position/ State గురించి తెలపడానికి
The table is in the room.
He is in poor health.
They are in classroom.
She lived in poverty.

-Dresses వాటి కలర్ గురించి తెలపడానికి
Lavanya looks beatiful in sarees
He came in black.

3. At;
-Before names od small towns, villages.
Gopi lives at Suryapet.
I work at Polampally, a small village.
-Before exact time.
She goes to office at 9am
The movie starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm
-Age, rate, speed గురించి తెలపడానికి
He got married at 35
Mangoes are sold at Rs. 30 a kg
The car is going at full speed.
-Shops, Workplaces, group activities గురించి తెలపడానికి
I saw you at the party.
There were many people at the meeting
She works at the public library.
-To tell about a place
I meet her at the bus stop.
She is at home today.

4. On:
-Days, dates, special days కి ముందు
I shall meet you on friday.
Sanvi was born on 24th june.
She presented me a gift on my birthday.
-Position తెలపడానికి
The book is on table
We are sitting on the benches
-Membership తెలపడానికి
Jyothi is on the staff.
Amith is on the committe.
-కింది ఎక్స్‌ప్రెషన్స్‌లో కూడా on ని వాడుతాం.
on tv on duty
on radio on sale
on screen on fire
on holiday

5. Since/From/For
-Since ని point of time ని తెలుసుకోవడానికి perfect Tenses లో వాడుతాం.
I have been living in Hyderabad since 2010.
It has been raining since morning.
Persis has been working since May.
-From ని point of time ని తెలపడానికి non perfect Tenses లో వాడుతాం.
I am living in Hyderabad from 2010.
It is raining from morning.

-For ని period of time ని తెలపడానికి వాడుతాం.
I have been living in Hyderabad for ten years.
It has been raining for six hours.
Persis has been working for two months.

6. Till/To
-Till- time తెలపడానికి.
-To- Place తెలపడానికి వాడుతాం.
I worked till 5o clock
She came to my school.

7. Beside/ Besides
-Beside అనగా by the side of (పక్కన)
-Besides అనగా in addition to(దానితో పాటు)
ex. My house is beside the temple.
Beside the ungathered rice, he lay.
Sridhar speaks English besides Hindi
Besides singing, she dances.

8. on/upon:
-on (మీద)- state of rest (కదలిక లేనప్పుడు)
-Upon-(మీద) state of motion ( కదలిక/ చర్య ఉన్నప్పుడు)
The news paper is on the floor.
The tiger jumped upon the deer.

9. Between/Among:
-Between( మధ్య)- two persons/ things/ ideas
-Among (మధ్య) - more than two.
ex. The profit will be divided between the two partners.
-The profit will be divided mong the four partners.
-You have to choose between these two courses
-He founded himself helpless among the strangers.


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