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-In order to sell yourself or product or service, convincing other person is very important. The basic of good sales results is the ability to gather and provide information in a way that makes your prospect want to do business with you. The art of selling is dependent on influential info rmation. Communication is not simply what is conveyed, how it is conveyed. Preparation of speaking is more important than anything expect caring about your subject. Delivering a pre-written presentation effectively is a part of the sales process.

-Most sales presentations involve a certain of a small talk before you get down to the real action. Can you talk comfortably with near strangers? Can you use a casual conversation to start qualifying and building rapport with the prospect?

-Make the presentation relevant to your buyer / prospect. Selling is unique, one of the common mistake sales person make when discussing their product or service is to use generic presentation. They say the same thing in every presentation. The discussion of your product or service must be adopted to each person; modify it include specific points that are unique to the particular customer.

-The important factor to effective communication is for sales person to improve LISTENING skills. As a rule, pay attention to your customer you must value. When you pay close attention to the person when he is speaking, you signal to that person that you very much value him. The major reason that most sales people have poor listening skills is that they are busy preparing a reply while the other person is still speaking.

-In addition to listening without interrupting, you must also nod, smile and agree with what the person is saying. Make eye contact 0as the other person talks. Be active rather the passive. The starting point in speaking is picking up the subject that you really care about. It is to think through the subjects that have had an impact on you, the subjects that you would like to share with the other persons because you intensely feel that the others could benefit from your knowledge Practice makes perfect, and perfect practice makes it even more perfect. If you practice consistently, you will find that your presentation skills have dramatically improved a lot over a time. Pay any price, spend any amount of time, overcome any obstacle, but make a decision, right now, that you are going to learn to speak well and practice your presentation skills consistently.

-Questioning is fundamental to successful communication- we all ask and are asked questions when engaged in conversation. To improve sales, your communication should be a full of expert advice, recommendations and resolutions so that the buyer think of you not just as a sales person but as a problem solver, consultant and an expert adviser.

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